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keratin complex keratin care conditioner

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Keratin Complex - natural, keratin

Scrupples White tea shampoo set Contains Scruples White tea. Inoar hair Botox Shampoo hair botox shampoo by Inoar. Ideal for formaldehyde-free keratin aftercare. Deluge feel the luxurious blend of Moroccan Argan oil, keratin, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Vizeri paraben, sodium Chloride, and Sulfate Free. Keeva organics Pure organic (Hydrolyzed Protein) keratin treatment shampoo and conditioner. More details Keratin Treatment Aftercare Products Let me show you the cool products i use now. The trick to maintain your hair is to rotate and switch between: Washing moisturizing Conditioning Why i say this? Because in the first 2 weeks youre more likely to experience dry scalp, flakes, and your hair will feel flat.

keratin complex keratin care conditioner

Are they offering free product for fake reviews? I will be keen to know what you think. Click here and see » prom More honest opinions here on makeupalley » Now The big question. What shampoo shampoo is good for keratin treated hair, and where do you find them? Ive hunted them down for you. The best Shampoos for Keratin Treated hair Please note: we actively update and refresh the products here based on customer feedback and periodically re checking the ingredients.

Macadamia oil by arvazallia keratin shampoo and conditioner ( Bonus Argan Oil hair Mask) More details. Theorie helichrysum Theories Keratin treated hair shampoo has good reviews. LuxeOrganix 100 Keratin safe shampoo. Gentle and no sls. Its A 10 Miracle bundle Its a 10s best shampoo and conditioner after keratin treatment combo more details.

Keratin Complex Color Care

Let me start with the products you should avoid: (yep, i may have saved you some money here!) Shampoos to avoid After your Keratin Treatment ogx hair Products ok, a lot of people recommend Organix. I agree its cheap and popular. But: A quick look at the ingredients shows : ogx hair products are not Sulfate-free google shampoo for keratin treated hair, and youll find a few popular online shops recommend Ogx hair products. Not surprised: there are lot of unhappy women out there who have messed up their keratin treated hair. You see: The fact that Organix has salt (Sodium Chloride) is enough to warn you.

It will strip away keratin from your hair. Want some hard evidence? Check This: Behind The label: Organixs Misleading Labeling » Coppola keratin Complex Heres another popular choice which sadly does not live up to its expectations. Customers report that this shampoo washes out keratin treatment because it contains sulfates. Coppola keratin shampoo i do rate coppola keratin treatments, but this one looks like a fake. Update: This Coppola keratin shampoo and conditioner set has now been removed from Amazon. Pura dor Pura dor A lot of rave reviews, and a lot of unhappy customers too. Although this shampoo does not contain any traces of sulfates and sodium chloride, something is not right.

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The bottom line is: If you dont look after your keratin tanning treated hair, youll see the keratin wear off fast. Read: What not to do after keratin treatment (The complete list). And it wont look good. Okay, like you already know: you should be naar using sulfate-free shampoos for upkeep. Not all sulfate-free shampoos are sulfate-free. I learned this the hard way. Let me explain: The real danger is disguised, sodium lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is often disguised as: you see them in most shampoos. Other equally dangerous cousins to sls are: Sodium laureth Sulfate, disodium laureth Sulfosucinate sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate They are synthetic lauric acids made from Sulfurs. Be warned: Some products that claim to be sls-free may contain them in disguise.

keratin complex keratin care conditioner

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Top 10 Best: The 10 best products for keratin treated hair. Mix It Up: How you can mix it up with other hair products. Maintain: A few golden rules for hair care. First 3 days: After keratin treatment first without wash (Dry dry Shampoos: Where to buy dry shampoos my favorites. Dry Scalp: Dry scalp, dandruff, and greasy hair issues. Hair Breakage: hair breakage after keratin treatments. Tips: my keratin hair treatment aftercare tips products. Wash Keratin Out Early: How to reverse keratin treatment. Added Bonus: A printable chart with all the dos and donts at the end.

Lesson: Dont ignore the labels, seriously. How to bepaalde take care of keratin treated hair. Start with your shampoos. Dont trust the fake shampoo reviews. . Thats how I got done. Since then, i learned a few tricks. And I want to share them with you today. My exclusive keratin After Care tips. Table Of Contents, what youll learn: Spot The fakes: How to spot fake sulfate-free shampoos.

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A while back, i bought the wrong shampoo for my keratin treated hair. It fallout wasnt until my second wash that I noticed these: Keratin Was peeling Off: More than what my stylist told. Dryness: My scalp became dry, itchy Scalp: Not to mention the embarassing dandruff. Uneven hair: Flat straight in parts, and frizzy in other parts. Styling Nightmare: couldnt get my hair right. Dirty: It didnt feel as clean as before the treatment. Hair breakage: It happens, i was told, but my shampoo wasnt helping 300 Wasted: Yes, i had to do it all over again.

Keratin complex keratin care conditioner
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